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Audio vs Video (Size)
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Audio vs Video (Size)

Experiencing our recorded messages as video has some advantages over just hearing the audio version. Here are some things to consider when choosing one over the other.


You don't have to download our messages to your computer to enjoy them.  The same mp3 and mp4 links that allow you to to download will in most cases allow you to view or listen right in your browser. Just click instead of right-click.

You choose your experience

Some computers or browsers may not be fully configured to play back media properly, especially video.  For this reason, our video pages offer a Click Here to View Video option that will start playback immediately without having to download (this is called streaming).

If you have any challenges with playing online or downloaded media, check that you have the latest versions of your web browser and media player.  Visit our Additional Links page to get started.



Should you choose to download...

Once you select the command to download a message, and choose a location on your computer, there will be wait time involved while the file moves from our computers to yours. It may only take a minute or two to receive an audio file, but considerably longer for a video file.

Each video message file is equal to approximately 23 audio message files.

Size: one video file equals 23 audio files

If an audio message takes one minute to download, its video equivalent will have you waiting 23 minutes before you can view it. And this is also true for storage: a video file will take up 23 times as much space on your hard drive as the equivalent audio file.
Video files are inherently larger than audio files; they usually contain the same audio content, plus the pictures (30 per second). In addition, the video at RLCC is captured with high definition cameras. We do shrink them down quite a bit (this is called compresion), but the videos we provide have been shown to look good even on a big screen television.

Our video files can be as large as 500 megabytes (half a gigabyte). If you have an older computer (or download a lot of video!), you may not have a lot of space left to download our video files. It's always a good idea to know how much hard disk space you have left.



Check space in Windows XP
Double-click on My Computer on the desktop




Check space in Windows 7
Double-click on Computer on the desktop


Check space in Mac OS X
Right-click on Macintosh HD on the desktop
Select Get Info


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