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      Expect Him To
Clinton H. Utterbach
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    07/12/87 (mp3)
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by Angela White
on 4/21/2018
Expect Him To
This message resonate with life today and can be applied to my Christian walk, and my faith in God and His Word.
by Joan Clarke
on 8/1/2016
Expect him to
Excellent message, just needed a reminded of the greatness of God as I grow in his word.
by Charlene Maye
on 11/12/2012
Expect Him To
Classic Pastor Clent - Awesome!!!
by lioudmila
on 8/12/2012
Expect Him T....
 I was so blessed to hear Pastor Clinton preaching. I know now what a man of God he was.Thank you for the opprtunity to listen to his messege.
by Wanda Simmons
on 5/23/2012
Expect Him To
This message is so inspiring because I am expecting my father to do just what he said he would. Deliver me out of all my distress and consume me with his love so that I will be able to help someone else that may face the challenges I am currently facing. I will send the praise report because Ive already won!!!!  Glory to God!!!.. This is a message to listen to over and over again and I am
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