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      Attention Sickness: Trespassing Forbidden
Clinton H. Utterbach
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    08/07/83 (mp3)
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by Lynda
on 5/22/2013
Sickness and Disease Forbidden
This message reminded me of how rich Pastor Clinton's messages were and so filled with the word of God.  I thank God that I can listen to it again and be strengthened.
by Monique Alderman
on 4/15/2013
Attention Sickness: Trespassing Forbidden!
This teaching is rich and I'm going to listen to it again to get it into my spirit!  It is a reminder that the Lord Jesus Christ not only died on the cross for our sins, but HE took 39 stripes on HIS back for our healing.  We have a right to that healing because of the Blood Jesus Christ shed for us as believers.      

Pastor Clint says that we have the right to say "I don't receive that" when sickness and its symptoms come knocking and, we don't have to open the door to it either.    

Pastor Clint encouraged my faith in this teaching as he always did and made me draw on the anointing he had  to teach on healing.  

"By HIS stripes I am healed."  

Pastor Clint reminded me that GOD loves me, HE wants me healed, at peace and not afraid.  All those things are important to GOD.  
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